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Early Childhood Center & Calvary Christian Preschool


The mission of Calvary Christian School of Excellence and the Early Childhood Center is to promote a close relationship with Jesus Christ for a lifetime of Godly influence and to prepare each student with a solid foundation of academic excellence.


The ECC recognizes that the first classroom is the family home. The family is the basic training ground for the education and development of the child.  The ECC believes that the home and the school, as they work together in God's design, are a solid working foundation for the teaching, developing, and maturing of each child.  The parents have primary responsibility for their child's education; therefore, a close home/school relationship is vital. Open channels of communication and involvement are extremely important for the total well-being of the student.

The ECC believes in:

1. Spiritual Salvation, Growth, and Development

2. Christ–centered Academic Development

3. Social Development

4. Physical Development

For more information about our ECC program, please contact our ECC Director at (956) 425-1425.